FX Particle Builder | Download Fire Dust Smoke Particular Presets Videohive

FX Particle Builder | Download Fire Dust Smoke Particular Presets Videohive

We created this tools for essential needs of motion designers and VFX professionals. It’s a particle generator and you create fire, dust, magic, smoke, sparkle, flames or glass particles in fastest and easiest way. You can give life to your still images with brush tool and create different broadcast packages, title sequences, logo reveals or photo slideshows.

Works on pictures, texts, video and etc. Also authors can create templates with these different particles. Do you need to find more about the project ? check this out…

Video Features

  • FullHD 1920×1080
  • Brush : brush desired area then apply particle
  • Alpha : Apply particles to alpha+RGB layers
  • Point Emitter : Animate particles through a motion path
  • 5 Particle categories: Dust, Smoke, Fire, Sparkle and other



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  1. Sinisa Pintar Reply

    Download Link ?

  2. Patrick Kracht Reply

    Where is the link for download?

    • dudecmsadmin
      dudecmsadmin Reply

      Hi Patrick.
      Its ready, you can check now.
      Reply if all is ok,
      Thank you.

      • Patrick Kracht Reply

        Thanks man, great work

        • dudecmsadmin
          dudecmsadmin Reply

          Patrick re-download please. I updated it few seconds ago.

      • Patrick Kracht Reply

        Download it but the win rar says, the zip is damage or has a unknow file format. 🙁

        • dudecmsadmin
          dudecmsadmin Reply

          Because you need to re-download this right now 🙂
          Reply if all is ok.

      • Patrick Kracht Reply

        okay, now it works but wthout a purchase code, i’m not able to use it 🙁

  3. Carlos Rueda Martell Reply

    Hello, where can I get the purchase code? already have account in

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