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RocketTheme Diametric – Download WordPress Responsive Theme

RocketTheme Diametric - Download WordPress Responsive Theme

Diametric is a beautifully layered theme, with a distinct panel-based design, separating each grid row with its own style, varying in color, tone and pattern. The mainbody divider has a jagged design when overlapping the bottom row. The footer area is also patterned.

Diametric has custom styling that displays the logo within the menu. By adding the CSS class logo-module in a Menu Item, our logo will appear. Either replace our logo image in the appropriate directory or mimic our CSS properties to display your custom logo in the menu.

Diametric benefits from a comprehensive Color Chooser system, that allows you to choose from a selection of background and accent colors, the general and accent overlay types, and patterns, for each panel section. There are 22 different patterns to choose from.


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