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JoomlaXTC Political – Download Politics Joomla Template

JoomlaXTC Political - Download Politics Joomla Template

JoomlaXTC delivers the perfect template to ignite your campaign, start your own political news portal, create the latest blog spot and so much more! JoomlaXTC Political follows the Business Class format and takes it to new heights with our exclusive XTC template series featuring Multiple Layouts, Diverse Styles and JavaScript Effects.

Our Joomla Quickstart Version available includes the latest and greatest innovations in our JoomlaXTC modules. Deluxe NewsPro takes one of our most wanted modules over the edge with a new JavaScript Library full of stunning effects.

From Tooltips, Popups, to Hover Effects – Its never been easier to spice up your modules content display.

Splash Panel Pro 3.1s usefulness as a Navigation Menu with custom Drop Downs is showcased in the second level navigation, and the ever popular VideoShow gives you the wow factor with a front page Video Showcase.


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