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JoomlaXTC Appwerks – Download Corporate Business Joomla Template

JoomlaXTC Appwerks - Download Corporate Business Joomla Template

JoomlaXTC Appwerks is a fresh and stylish Business styled Joomla Template designed for multi application use.

Appwerks is perfect for Appsites, Design Sites, Hosting Companies and Blog projects, or any online Business portal.

Powered by the latest advancements in CSS3, Appwerks includes some of the latest animation styles (only for supported browsers, with graceful degradation for IE) from Spinning elements, Parallax Scrolling, Pulse effects, to Animated Text and Images

The core Joomla template feature (50+) module positions; (90+) module style variations, (4) colorful preset styles, rich typography options, CSS3 progressive enhancements and so much more.

The Jumpstart pack even comes with some of JoomlaXTCs most popular extensions — like Deluxe NewsPro Module, PowerTabs, Twittix and Html Pro Module.

In addition we have pre packaged the Free Starter edition of ACYMail and Kunena Forum with a custom styles for the template!

Appwerks was built with the JoomlaXTC XTC Framework which offers deep customization options and gives you total control over your sites look & feel—from Width Adjustments, Region & Column Layout, Backgrounds, Font Colors / Sizes / Typeset, Module Layout and custom preset styles.

Joomla template control has never been easier, so go ahead, get crazy with it.

Customize until your hearts delight and make your site unique.


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