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Designed by As Designing remove copyright and popup

Hi guys. You downloaded template from and don`t know how to remove copyright? You may know how to remove, but without copyright your web-site will return popup frame.

Ok, to change or delete copyright you must edit template`s index.php.

To remove popup frame that return “Designed by As Designing” you just need to delete next javascript file:


Just delete this javascript file. It`s all guys, if you have any question or suggestion – pm me or write here. See you.

Article written by dudecmsadmin


Hi there! I`m admin of community where I share everything from web. Im interested more in webdesign.

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  1. Diane Reply

    I have been looking through the index.php and I cannot locate where it has what you have quoted above. Is it hidden?

    • dudecmsadmin
      dudecmsadmin Reply

      This javascript file is situated in folder /js/ in your template.
      Just delete jquery.isotope.min.js

  2. mark Reply

    what’s the punishment? =D

  3. Joe Mendez Reply

    I really appreciate your help, i really needed to remove that copyright.
    Thanks a lot.

  4. Dunstan Reply

    Hey, I deleted the file but the Designing by Asdesign is still showing. Am using as002053free template. Please help

    • dudecmsadmin
      dudecmsadmin Reply

      What kind of template do you using? Write here template name. Maybe As Designing change something to avoid remove copyright.

  5. Enrico Reply

    i’m using AS002069free template, and i have the same problem… i’ve removed the javascript file, but the popup appears again. help!

  6. Birle Daniel Reply

    if message still appears, tehre should be a jquery.mixitup.min.js
    open it and inside youll see 2 alerts; comment them like this
    if(per < 0){/*alert(alrt)*/;}site+='T';comp+='G';per =;percomp =;if(per < 0 && percomp < 0){/*alert(alrt)*/;}});

  7. Andrew Reply

    Hi everybody, I use 002085 free template. I tried the two thing that you have written down above, but I couldnt remove the popop error message. Can anybody help me?

  8. Anando Das Gupta Reply

    Ya that works , simple enough. Thanks

    • dudecmsadmin
      dudecmsadmin Reply

      Hello Anando. Thank you.
      Are you interested in As Designing premium templates? We can share their templates here.

    • NIshad Reply

      How its works for you? Can you explain it?

      • dudecmsadmin
        dudecmsadmin Reply

        Hello NIshad.
        What kind of problems did you meet?
        Our community can help you to solve your trouble.

  9. Dmitrii Reply

    Hello, i downloaded as002092 template. Cannot remove “TEMPLATE BY: AS DESIGNING” .
    I remove alert function from js files and still popup message is apearing.
    Please help to find my mistake.

  10. Hannes Rodriguez Reply

    if message still appears then open the files: js\jquery.lazy.min.js and js\jquery.vide.min.js and comment the “ALERT”:

    if(per < 0){/*alert(alrt)*/;}site+='T';comp+='G';per =;percomp =;if(per < 0 && percomp < 0){/*alert(alrt)*/;}});


  11. Franc Reply

    in files js\jquery.lazy.min.js and js\jquery.vide.min.js i cant find “alert”, template is as002087free

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