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JA Symphony – Download Music and Band Template for Joomla

JA Symphony – Download Music and Band Template for Joomla My rating: 5 out of 5

JA Symphony - Download Music and Band Template for Joomla

JA Symphony template for CMS Joomla will make music sound. How to present a musical group on the Internet in the best way? The effect of a full informational presence is important, and all promotion channels are good in total: social networks, advertising, website.

Often not enough attention is paid to the site, and it can carry a qualitative effect on the promotion of the musician. At the very least, a high-quality personal website of the group adds a lot of points to interest.

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It is also important for concert venues or single events. If you want to ensure a financial result, you need competent attraction of visitors. You must have a convenient tool for communication and receiving payments. Social networks are important, but a personal website allows you to make a high profile about yourself. Especially if we are talking about large concert venues and large-scale events.

Symphony template for Joomla by JoomlArt will help to wrap your musical task in the correct wrapper. JoomlArt Symphony is a spectacular and multifunctional music theme template. It is used as the official website of a musical group or artist, as well as a concert venue. Another use case is to create a website for selling tickets for one individual musical event.

The template solves informational and commercial tasks. The user provides up-to-date information to visitors, and also has the opportunity to arrange sales through the site: selling tickets to events, selling music by a performer (links to popular stores and streaming) and so on. A number of advanced tools are available for this purpose.

The template looks heavy due to the dynamic design, animations and media elements, but the developers did everything possible to make it work quickly. The user will not have difficulties and delays in buying tickets or music.

The symphony offers everything you need so that the user is immersed in the atmosphere of music. The site will be made in a stylish black design with the integration of photos into background images. The font of the white text is selected in such a way as to clearly contrast with the black background and be visible without effort.

The main color scheme of the template is unchanged. However, the developers offer three options for customizing the design of the JA Symphony. The user can choose between green, red and yellow functional elements of the template (clickable buttons and so on).

If summarized all together, we have a strong and stylish application for success. Rather, to the interest of even an unprepared listener. All the same applies to the design aspects of building the site for music events and concert venues. The differences are only in the selection of blocks.

The developers have prepared a special structure of unique blocks that the musician will need. In addition to a static presentation on the main screen, the user can add a block of textual description of the group, built-in links to listen to and buy music, a catalog of releases and a fan store with the possibility of ordering through the website, biographies of the band’s musicians, portfolio (namely concert photos and videos), a blog, contacts and calendar of events.

All technical pages are also prepared for addition, and the described blocks are easily adapted for a concert venue or event. You get the opportunity to create a simple and elegant one-page site that will reveal all the cards in front of a new fan of the group or a visitor to the concert.

Promote music groups and events the right way, with a focus on theme and identity. Only this will help attract a person who is willing to pay for studio or live music. JoomlArt Symphony is an effective carrier of this idea.

Compatibility of JA Symphony with Joomla

Joomla 2.5 CompatibleJoomla 3.x Compatible

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