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JA Space – Download Creative Portfolio Joomla Template

JA Space – Download Creative Portfolio Joomla Template My rating: 5 out of 5

JA Space - Download Creative Portfolio Joomla Template

The association of business with space is a very powerful topic. If you connect the services or presentation with the JA Space theme, even behind the scenes and unobtrusively, it will cause associations of takeoff, elevation, achievement of unreal success.

A good and unobtrusive way to push the conversion action. Or make a person remember you, your site and make him talk about you. Or he will return in time.

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Just design a business website with the right idea, and JA Space template for Joomla by JoomlArt will help you with this. Space is a universal template for designing business card sites for businesses of any orientation. Perfect for startups, high tech, research or engineering. It can also be used as a template for generalized topics. For example, using a space for a consulting firm would be a great idea.

And if desired, the template can be applied to the information site about space. But this is an optional idea. The main focus is different. (Although it would be appropriate to implement a common information site here).

The template has all the necessary tools to build a presentation of any type. The user has access to cool functional blocks, animations and media tools to create a holistic canvas for the presentation of any idea or business. All this works very quickly, because the optimization did not disappoint. All mobile devices are friends with this template.

The developers emphasize the sublime feelings that are associated with the cosmos. For this purpose, amazing space images were used here to design the backgrounds of the template. They combine a dense black color with an extensive color palette of cosmic shades and shapes that create a three-dimensional effect of immersion in content and offer.

Fonts are selected in such a way as to visually emphasize space and freedom. The text on the pages is just enough to convey the main thoughts, but not overshadow the depths of space, built on a large area of ​​free space.

The developers also offered interesting futuristic graphics for blocks and individual background elements. This creates the effect of a variety of submitted content. The visual dynamics of the template is impressive. Illumination of function buttons, pop-up descriptions of photos and other animations harmoniously complement the overall splendor.

There are two options available for themes: if a dark space theme does not suit you, you can choose a light option with a sharp white background design. The color scheme of additional functional elements remains unchanged.

JA Space provides a lot of options to expand its functionality. It has the ability to almost unlimited compilation of functional blocks that lead a single-page or multi-page site to harmony in any assembly.

The user can add presentation blocks and descriptions of the project, advantages and services, portfolio (cases), contacts, blog and so on. All technical pages are also available in full.

As noted earlier, a lot of focus is on media presentation and dynamic page animations. Some elements simply look very impressive and clear, for example, portfolio options.

If you want to win the user’s attention at a glance, playing on emotions, Space wins with a competent design study. In addition to this, it’s nice to be present on the site. It will turn out to be fast and clear, with fast access to any content. This template is worth considering for a wide range of businesses. And the most important thing is the fact that even a complete beginner can quickly understand the technical aspects and create his own website yourself. And this is a victory.

Compatibility of JA Space with Joomla

Joomla 2.5 CompatibleJoomla 3.x Compatible

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