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SP Page Builder PRO – Download Joomla Page Builder Extension

SP Page Builder PRO - Download Joomla Page Builder Extension

Looking for a number one page builder for Joomla CMS? If so, you might consider SP Page Builder PRO, which allows any user to create advanced custom layouts for any page using custom designs with ease.

This Content Construction Kit has proven its effectiveness and now is very popular for that it can extend your basic content publishing system and publish all sorts of different content add-ons using the Joomla CMS. Free download (in case you would like to try before you buy) and pro version available. Live demo and free documentation will make your experience even easier – you would find answers to every question, if you have any.

It is a completely new set of very user-friendly tools for creating and managing content. All you need is to adhere to our simple three-step guide:

  1. Create a new page (from the easy-to-navigate admin panel). Intuitive page creation interface with drag and drop objects capabilities for easy organization, absolutely no coding skills needed;
  2. Choose add-ons (you may choose any ones you like from more than 45 available features). Wide range of built-in elements lets you to create a page of your dreams within few minutes. List of available add-ons is here;
  3. Publish your page (don’t forget to use Menu Manager, Joomla core modules and 3rd party modules from: HikaShop, VM3, SP LMS, SP Portfolio, and many more).

SP Page Builder PRO is a powerful revolutionary tool you need for the success of your website! This tool for Joomla CMS has proven its effectiveness mainly thanks to the features, which are mentioned below:

SP Page Builder PRO Main Features

  • Highly Customisable tool – Use custom CSS classes to build a substantial number of content elements and unique pages.
  • Fully Responsive – Fully responsive layout is able to scale to fit any screen size: doesn’t matter if your users are visiting website from their widescreen PC or from their smartphone.
  • Built-in Animations – Fade, flip, rotate, zoom, bounce, and other effects with custom duration and delay for columns.
  • Page Templates – Everything is better with ready-made page templates, right? Templates for About Us, Corporate, Our Team, Pricing Table pages in Pro version of SP Page Builder PRO.
  • Multimedia Integration – Insert videos from YouTube, vimeo or similar video services; embedded player is also capable of playing .mp3 and .ogg music files.
  • Page Export & Import – The Pro version contains and additional feature – you can export and import page setting  between your websites or just to back-up one of your favorite page layouts.
  • Video Background – Nowadays this feature is popular on all sorts of website, no matter what category they relate to. Use self-hosted video clips (.ogv, .mp4) in background to draw attention of website visitors or to show education/commercial materials.
  • Custom Addons – Create your custom add-ons and easily use inside component to improve the list of available features.
  • Open Graph – Now any of your pages may become a rich object in a social graph, helping you decide what will be shown on Facebook or in other social networks (possessing the necessary features).
  • FontAwesome 4.3 – There is a collection of more than 500 icons font ready to use with the options, which can change the size, color and alignment.
  • Parallax Background – Enable a popular parallax scrolling effect with your background image – more interesting effects in modern browsers and greater look of your website.
  • Awesome Support – As a client you will have access to support forum and detailed documentation to help you through the configuration.

Compatibility with Joomla

Joomla 2.5 CompatibleJoomla 3.x Compatible

SP Page Builder PRO Version


SP Page Builder PRO Product Link

Demo Link

Documentation Link

Download Link

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Article written by dudecmsadmin


Hi there! I`m admin of community where I share everything from web. Im interested more in webdesign.

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  1. Aleksey Fursa Reply

    Hello. This link does not work

    • dudecmsadmin
      dudecmsadmin Reply

      Hi Aleksey.
      Link is working for me, check now please and reply if all is okey.

  2. noureddin ali tajeddin Reply

    Please, let’s update thanks

    • dudecmsadmin
      dudecmsadmin Reply

      Hello noureddin.
      Extension is updated to latest version 1.1.0, check please now.
      Thank you.

  3. Janis Zeps Reply

    Hello. This link does not work

  4. Janis Zeps Reply

    Please Update version 2.0!

  5. Florian Georgiev Reply

    We are waiting for ver. 2.1

  6. Florian Georgiev Reply

    Thanks, bro.
    I’ll keep an eye on it, cause the still have this bug in it. It doesn’t save what you type in the text editor. For now the workaround is to turn off the editor and then the builder reverts it to the default editor and it works. It doesn’t work with JCE. The problem might be in the JCE though.

  7. Janis Zeps Reply

    Please update v.2.3

  8. Janis Zeps Reply

    Download Link not working ;(

    • dudecmsadmin
      dudecmsadmin Reply

      Hi Janis.
      Link works fine for me, i tried to download it via all my installed browsers.
      Check now please and reply if all is okay.

  9. Janis Zeps Reply

    Hi dudecmsadmin, link work 😉

  10. Hossam Reply

    Version 2.4.1?

  11. Chucks Reply

    There’s version 2.4.4 now. Thanks

  12. Chucks Reply

    2.4.8? Thanks

  13. Livingstone Reply

    Hello dude, SP Page Builder PRO has a new version 2.4.9.
    Also the template Educom version 2.2 is available and some other joomshaper recently updated templates.

    Are you able to get the updated versions of these to motivate my subscription renewal?

    Thanks. Enjoy your weekend.

    • mostafa norouzi Reply

      Yes, 2.4.9 just released!

      • dudecmsadmin
        dudecmsadmin Reply

        Hi Mostafa and Livingstone.
        Page Builder is updated, Educon also.
        Next entire week i will update a big part of themes from website.
        Thanks and Best regards!

  14. Sven Reply

    I got an error by installing this extension on joomla 3.7

  15. Sven Reply

    Thank you for your time, I will give that a try!

  16. Sven Reply

    nevermind; none of it really works; after removing the pagebuilder table, I got the same error. And when I remove the prev. version of the page buildersomehow I loose my access and it kills my entire site (what is nap, bec. I made backup before trying) . Your 2nd suggestion; at the phpmyadmin there’s not even such an drop down option like “repair database”.

  17. Sven Reply

    Hey, thank you so much for your follow up! After trying for 2 days to fix the error (not even the was able to help fixing it) I just leave the prev. Pagebuilder installed and move on. Thasnk you very much for your commitment to my issue! I really appreciate your time, you spent by trying to help out!

    • dudecmsadmin
      dudecmsadmin Reply

      You are welcome here! Thank you for choosing us.
      My advice – wait for next 2.5.0 plugin update, maybe will work without errors.
      Best regards.

    • dudecmsadmin
      dudecmsadmin Reply

      Sven, update is available. Try with this version.
      Remember to do backup always.
      Use CLI of your LINUX machine, you will save in time.
      Hope you have not hosting and you can access ssh.
      FTP will consume a lot of your time.

  18. Livingstone Reply

    Hello dude, ver2.5.2 update is available. Kindly update,

  19. Patrick Kracht Reply

    Yeah, please update to 2.5.2 😉 Kind regards and keep up the good work

  20. Livingstone Reply

    Please dude, you have been off for some time now, hope all’s well with you.
    Kindly update please, ver2.5.3 update is available.

  21. Patrick Kracht Reply

    Hey dude, do you know when you will update to 2.5.4? Hope then the problem with the facebook like box will be solved. Or do you have an solution to fix it in 2.5.3? Kind regards.

    • dudecmsadmin
      dudecmsadmin Reply

      Hi Patrick.
      Latest version is available.
      With facebook like box don’t have solution yet, maybe you have some JS collision. Try to do debugging.

  22. Patrick Kracht Reply

    Hey dude, would you upload also the sp pagebuilder 3.0 alpha? Thanks for your great service.

  23. James Miracle Reply

    hi, can you also upload separate 3.0 version? also, all joomshaper extensions and templates are now updated, kindly please update them also.


    • dudecmsadmin
      dudecmsadmin Reply

      Hi Patrick and James.
      Templates are already updated, extensions will be updated soon.
      I think soon will be official release for SP Page Builder 3.0. Do you need alpha version? If yes I will share it.

  24. James Miracle Reply

    RC is already up. but the stable is on Nov 13. can u update both? 🙂 thanks dude

  25. Patrick Kracht Reply

    Please dude,

    update to 3.0.2 and BIGGER PLEASE – KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK

  26. Patrick Kracht Reply

    Sorry dude, they already updated to 3.0.3…hope there are not that many bugs as in the 3.0.2.

    Kind regards

    • dudecmsadmin
      dudecmsadmin Reply

      Hello Patrick.
      Done. It is hard to imagine software without bugs.
      Even geeks from Google are not pure-perfect.
      Updated it.
      Best regards.

  27. Dmitry Reply

    Already released version 3.0.4

  28. Patrick Kracht Reply

    Hey Dude, hope you have a good week so far. Check out pagebuilder 3.1 release….and update of course 😉

    • dudecmsadmin
      dudecmsadmin Reply

      Hello Patrick.
      Current week is really one of the nicest from a long time. How is this week for you?
      Just have updated the extension, you can right now download the latest version.
      Best regards.

  29. Patrick Kracht Reply

    Hey Dude, thanks for your question. Everything is running great on my side? How are you going? New update is waiting…Version 3.1.1

  30. Salman Reply

    Theme is useless without activation code, plugin and demo also require theme to be activated first so how to use the theme: ThemeForest Crypterio – Download Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

    If you don’t resolve the issue, I need to cancel the order for full refund. The WP themes are not updated, all old versions are there 🙁

  31. Livingstone Reply

    Version 3.1.2 is available. Thanks

  32. James Miracle Reply

    hey dude!

    how can we use the builder if email and license key is required using it?..nice work btw


  33. Livingstone Reply

    SP Page Builder PRO Version 3.1.3 is available.


  34. James Miracle Reply

    Hey Dude,

    Can you enlighten me how could that be possible? Do you know any tricks for that?


    • dudecmsadmin
      dudecmsadmin Reply

      Hello James Miracle
      The one trick there is to find and fix block of code that is responsible for “activation”.
      I need to take a look in code to see how can it be done.

      • James Miracle Reply

        Hey Dude,

        Yes, please! Looking forward for that trick


        • dudecmsadmin
          dudecmsadmin Reply

          Ok, will find some time to do it.

          • James Miracle

            So basically I’m screwed while I’m not able to use the component properly ;-(

          • James Miracle


            Is there any update regarding this? As with the new page builder, everything’s gonna be useless without that email and license key, thus countering the purpose. Hope you understand this as well


  35. Mikhail Reply

    Please Update version 3.1.3!

  36. dudecmsadmin
    dudecmsadmin Reply

    Hello Livingstone and Mikhail
    Extension has been updated to the latst 3.1.3 version.
    Best regards guys.

  37. James Miracle Reply


    Please help with with email and license key requirements.


    • dudecmsadmin
      dudecmsadmin Reply

      Hi James
      Explain please how this plugin is not working?
      Are you trying to import JoomShaper templates or it’s just not working?

    • dudecmsadmin
      dudecmsadmin Reply

      I see only:

      – Hello! Would you like to receive automatic updates and get premium support? Please activate SP Page Builder.

      Just installed plugin on my test website – all works as needed without any license key.

  38. James Miracle Reply


    It’s when using the component overall. Either importing, exporting or using the library of ‘sections’ etc. basically its newer features are not enabled without license key and email it requires.

  39. James Miracle Reply

    For example when you are using saved sections/rows, buttons are disabled because you need to input license and email first. The same for importing/exporting templates either pre-made by others or those I actually made and exported then decided to import again

  40. mostafa norouzi Reply

    Hello, Can you update this to 3.2.0 ?
    with best

  41. Chucks Reply

    Please update to latest 3.2.3. Thanks

  42. Chucks Reply

    Now there’s 3.2.4. Please update this popular addon. Thanks

  43. Chucks Reply

    Hi it’s looking like we paid our subscription for nothing. There’s no Joomshaper template or this extension update, since weeks now. What’s going on?

  44. Livingstone Reply

    Version 3.2.5 of this addon is available.

    Please, I informed you to update this ThemeForest XPRIME joomla template and as a result you will get the updated SP page builder, but you just changed the version number on your site. You are only deceiving yourself dude.

  45. Livingstone Reply

    Please dude, I can’t understand why you can’t renew for this addon. Joomla lovers are wasting on this your community…..
    Kindly update to Version 3.2.7.

    Thank you.

  46. andres Reply

    please upload 3.3.6 version

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