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SJ Listing Tabs for K2 – Download Responsive Joomla! Module

SJ Listing Tabs for K2 - Download Responsive Joomla! Module

SJ Listing Tabs for K2 allows you to set the number of column displaying for each device screen resolution. You are also free to choose which categories/items fields to show. Besides, it supports to display icons for category tabs which are retrieved from various sources and you can resize them as your wishes.

SJ Listing Tabs for K2 comes with a friendly user interface that allows you totally control, customize all parameters of the module. With 10+ cool effects equipped, the module can be placed on everywhere on your website, in whatever size to effectively highlight your content.

Extension Features

  • Support to get image from various sources
  • Support opening link in: Parent Window, New Window, Popup
  • Allow to show/hide Title, Description, Tags, Readmore link of item
  • Allow to set Duration and Delay time
  • Allow to Include jQuery OR not
  • Allow to change width/height, background color of tab icon
  • Allow to set the column number for each screen resolution
  • Support Responsive layout
  • Support lots of modes for resizing category icon, image: Center, Fill, Fit, Stretch
  • Allow to list product according to Categories or Field Product
  • Support lots of effect
  • Allow to show/hide the module title
  • Support Multi-Language
  • Support to get category icon from Image Category, Image Description, Extend Folder
  • 5, Chrome.
  • Allow to select preload category
  • Fully compatible with IE9+, Firefox 2+, Flock
  • 7+, Netscape, Safari, Opera
  • Easy to change the number of title/description characters of item
  • Support pre- and post- text with each instance
  • Support Multi-Module in the same page
  • Allow to order by many criteria

Compatibility with Joomla

Joomla 2.5 CompatibleJoomla 3.x Compatible



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