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Hot Responsive Lightbox – Download Lightbox Joomla Extension

Hot Responsive Lightbox - Download Lightbox Joomla Extension

Lightboxes are used on modern, javascript enabled web sites for a long time. Our first Joomla module for making Lightbox slide shows was released over 4 years ago (Hot Lightbox). Requirements of modern web design let us create a new, responsive and touch-friendly version of this module. It’s works similarly as the old module, but the code is written from start.

This version of Hot Responsive Lightbox module is much better than the old one, especially when visitors access your site on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) or if they are looking your site on touch sensitive screens.

Together with Hot Responsive Lightbox Joomla module, you will also get Responsive Lightbox Joomla plugin. The plugin has the same parameters, share the same code and can be used for the similar purposes as the module. However, as you probably know, there’s difference between Joomla modules and plugins. The modules must be placed in the module positions only.

On the other hand, the plugins can be used directly in articles. So, in order to include this plugin anywhere in your article content, you should enter this short code:


Hot Responsive Lightbox Main Features

  • Unique ID
  • Lightbox Mode
  • Thumbnails Width / Height / Quality
  • Thumbnails Vertical / Horizontal Margin
  • Thumbnails Padding
  • Border Width / Color / Hover Color
  • Thumbnails Background / Hover Background
  • Overlay Color

Compatibility with Joomla

Joomla 2.5 CompatibleJoomla 3.x Compatible

Hot Responsive Lightbox Version

Latest Version

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