DJ-Classifieds – Download For Free Joomla Extension

DJ-Classifieds - Download For Free Joomla Extension

Are you looking for an easy to use Joomla classifieds extension for creating classified ads? Then look no further, DJ-Classifieds will get the job done to a high spec, with hassle free simplicity. With an impressive array of custom fields, custom locations, paid ads and custom searches for each category, DJ-Classifieds is a powerful tool for building the classifieds section on your website. It’ll do all the hard work for you.

Main features of the extension:

  • Advanced Search Module Flexibility
  • Pay with Points
  • Set Your Own PROMOTIONS
  • Organize Ads by TYPE


Product Link

Demo Link

Download Link

The link will be here in few days.

Article written by dudecmsadmin


Hi there! I`m admin of community where I share everything from web. Im interested more in webdesign.

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  1. azeri Reply

    Thank you very much for shares admin!

  2. m Reply

    Wheres the link?

    • dudecmsadmin
      dudecmsadmin Reply

      Don`t worry, link will be here in the near feature. Just wait a little bit please. Thank you.

  3. Orsey Reply

    Now we have december but we have no download link. When we will have download this extension?

  4. No link Reply

    Put the download link man..please!

  5. Orsey Reply

    Не стал ждать дальше, тут врат-ли что-то измениться. Нашел и купил компонент у перекупщиков за 5 долларов и доволен. Есть косяки с русской локализацией, но это мелочи. Главное что основные баги исправлены.

    Do not wait further, here hardly something to change. I found and bought the components from resellers for $ 5 and satisfied. There are problems with the Russian localization, but this stuff. The main thing that the major bugs fixed.

  6. Vitaly Maksimhuk Reply

    when can download this extension

    • dudecmsadmin
      dudecmsadmin Reply

      Hello Vitaly. Unfortunately, at the moment, we dont have this extension because our subscription plan was ended on dj-extensions.

      But dont worry, DJ-Extensions is our next target, im collecting money for bundle that contain all extensions.

  7. killer Reply

    Very nice if you will share this extension in near future! I will wait this delicious, thanks admin. Love you!!!

    • killer Reply

      Calm down and wait some time extension will be here 100%, where you think you can downlaod this? Warez websites dont share this because too expensive…lol, just wait dude, dont write your “fuck” it wouldnt help. Hope you understand. (Admin)

  8. Станислав Reply

    Very nice extension. Dude, i need him.

  9. Leonardo Brack Reply

    plz up the link again.

  10. Vektor Sistem Reply

    Can you update it to new version DJ-Classifieds ver.

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