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SJ Singer – Download Joomla Template

SJ Singer - Download Joomla Template

SJ Singer Template supports 4 color variations and 6 extensions for your website. On the top of template, you can use Yt Content Slick Slider for showing hot videos. For content area, you can use Yt News Extra Slider, Yt Filtering Articles or Yt Module Tabs. Moreover, you can use Yt FaceBook, Yt Twitter for social networks.

SJ Singer Template is based onĀ  Yt Framework Template and you can create sophiscated templates in no time, even for comprehensive websites.

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Smart News – Download Free Joomla Magazine Template

Smart News - Download Free Joomla Magazine Template

In SmartAddons Smart News Template, we supported 10 commercial extensions which includes both of modules and plugins. You can use these extensions for showing articles at various positions on the template.

On the top of the template, you can use Yt News Frontpage module with 4 nice themes for presenting new articles. In the content, you can use Yt Mega News II – one of the newest modules for content of us or Yt News Ajax Tabs, Yt News Scrollbar, Yt Content Simple Tabs.

You absolutely can customize these modules for your site if you want to change another design. In the center of the template, you can use So Article Slider module for showing special articles. At the bottom of site, we used Yt Content Category for showing categories follow many subjects. Specially, lets move to the top of Smart News Template again, you will see a menu with many enjoy things which we showed.

That is Yt Mega Menu. You can install this module into any template you want. Here we support for 4 types of showing menu – CSS Menu, Moo Menu, Mega Menu, Dropline. Otherwise, we used some free extensions for the template. On the top, we use Yt Titleflash module. With layouts which have 2-3 columns on the left or right, we have some free extensions like as: Yt Module Tabs, Yt News Basic, Yt Multi Video, Yt Gallery. Besides, in each detail article, we used Yt Mega Popup for showing image, iframe, video…

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Yt Travel – Download Joomla Template

Yt Travel - Download Joomla Template

Yt Travel Template supports both versions – Joomla 1.5, Joomla 1.7 and Joomla 2.5. Yt Travel Template includes our highlighted extensions: Yt Content SlideShow and Yt News Extra Slider which are attractive with multi-effects. Beside that, Yt Travel Template was developed from Yt Framework Template so it has various menus for you to choose such as Mega Menu, Css Menu and Moo Menu Are you ready to explore our Yt Travel Template? Click on our demo to see how nice this template is.

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Yt Hosting – Download Joomla Template

Yt Hosting - Download Joomla Template

There are 4 site styles and you can choose any styles which you like for main website. A strong point of Yt Hosting Template is using menu system with CSS Menu – basic effect, Moo Menu – lavalamp effect, Dropline Menu and specially Mega Menu which is supported many features for showing your menus. You can survey menu system of us on here.

After you own Yt Hosting Template, youll be utilized the newest module of us – Yt Mega Slider for slide show on the top. You can completely style again that module follow your idea. Besides, Yt So Article Slider with many nice themes, and Yt Basic News will help you create a website more professional than other websites about services of network system.

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Yt University – Download Joomla Template

Yt University - Download Joomla Template

Yt University with simple interface, is the best choice to introduce for a university, an organization, a company and more.

Yt University supports three different styles: Red, Green and Blue, it helps you to have more than one choice for your website

Yt University continues to build on Yt Framework – Joomla Template Framework which are integrated framework of menus, google fonts, font size and more. Also, Yt Framework allows you to make unlimited layouts, to easily customize the template according to your own way. Yt Framework is simple, easy operation, even if you do not have experience working with Joomla.

In addition to using the available tools of joomla which allow you to create topics, articles and images, the template also incorporates other major extensions:
– K2 Component – Another content component with multiple functions: Component, Rate, Share, Download, …
Yt Content Slideshows II – Showing articles with more effects
Yt So Article Slider – A simple module to slide artiles in some specify categories
Yt Gallery Plugin – Showing image in pop-up, allowing you to view images in detail

Using multiple available tools in the template, Yt University will be the best choice to help you for reducing the time to develop a website.

And with the Quickstart package, you will have an interface like our demo.

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