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JA Anion – Download Joomla Movie Site Template

JA Anion - Download Joomla Movie Site Template

All you movie enthusiasts can now have your own movie review site! June 2010 Template JA Anion gives you the preset style for a movie site running on Joomla! & K2. JA Anion is complemented with 6 modules: JA Slideshow 2, JA Tabs, JA ContentSlider, JA Twitter, JA Sidenews & JA Bulletin modules.

K2 component support, Multi layouts and 12 color options (06 light & 06 dark) make JA Anion a Box Office Hit…

JA Anion is running our latest T3 Framework Version 2 which is more powerful than ever with user level template overrides and much more…


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JA Pyro – Download Web 2.0 Joomla blog

JA Pyro - Download Web 2.0 Joomla blog

Its time to be back to blog sphere, JA Pyro is JoomlArts latest blog interface at the moment. Social community-oriented designs look and feel closely connects interaction elements like news spotlight, twitter stream, comments etc.,

In recent template releases, we did have chances to demonstrate a bunch of significant enhancements brought about by K2 component, plus our integrated JA Comment (trial version). In addition, the total 08 light and dark themes make JA Pyro a diverse beauty.

Its worth to note that JA Pyro (1.5 version) still uses our 1st version of T3 framework, but you can rest assure therere quite no functional limit or constraints in comparison with the new 2nd T3 version.


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JA Norite – Download Grid based Joomla template

JA Norite - Download Grid based Joomla template

JoomlArts April Joomla template JA Norite is now coming, with 04 light and 04 dark themes!

We integrate JA Comment with K2, honestly its not a wow! new comment stuff, but quite handy to monitor feedback interaction,
helps to stay connected and engage with your site audience.

Thanks to K2, JA Norite initiates outstanding explorations across various usage scopes, a few instances in demo will show more, e.g. news/magazine view, blog view, multi-columns (well balanced 3 columns, spotlight with 2 columns to follow,1 column with specifications on the right , 3 columns with parallel specifications…).


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JA Ores – Download K2-ready Joomla template

JA Ores - Download K2-ready Joomla template

Introducing March template JA Ores, JoomlArt hands over to you a versatile template, accompanied by striking and elegant 08 light themes and 08 dark themes.

Added as a new cut, you will find JA Comment ready in JA Ores demo, a snapshot convincing you on full-functioned and ease-to-use comment stuffs needed for a Joomla site.

Deployed on our popular T3 framework, we have quite no hassle to style JA Bulletin, JA Sidenews, JA Slideshows, JA Content Slider, JA Twitter and, JA Newsticker (modules).


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JA Lime – Download Blog site well – tuned with JA Comment

JA Lime - Download Blog site well - tuned with JA Comment

Today, the second 2010 template JA Lime is out, we give it as a vote for blogging sites. In majority of circumstances, you might think of other targets, but no worry, the design simplicity behind this template will be a plus, therell be no limit to those custom need.

For a basic startup, JA Lime supports twitter streamline display (JA Twitter Module), listing of articles with featured meta word or articles from specific categories (JA Sidenews Module), latest or most read listing (JA Bulletin Module), a charming mini gallery (JA Popup Plugin) and slideshow (JA Slideshows Module).

To fill up blogging features, JA Comment component is used – JA Commentbrandnew. It brings an entire difference, powerful features such as AJAX adding comments, user avatar from several sources, comment rating, sorting options, social tools, but most important of all, a powerful spam protection.


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JA Rasite – Download Welcome 2010 Fresh Joomla design

JA Rasite - Download Welcome 2010 Fresh Joomla design

JoomlArt team is eager to announce the version of our Jan 2010 Joomla template JA Rasite. JA Slideshow module was revamped re-engineered to escalate the ease of use and enhance loading content items from either articles or image folder.

With rich slide effects, it loads description layer and main navigator into different positions, auto-resize/crop image by default (if enabled). Articles inside the slideshow are linkable and particularly, able to display orginal image with its own (or any different) thumbnail.

4 themes for light version, 5 for dark, plus 3 bonus themes will make it easy for you to tweak JA Rasite to your own tastes.


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